Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Nick, time x is coming! cell is waiting for you !!!!!

I just read that they identified the boy in a brawl that resulted from the dispute in a game of football in Secondigliano, in my neighborhood, stabbed one of the other kids punching a severely lung. The victim is in danger list, but not very serious risks his life for goodness sake!
In reading the news you typed the identification of the aggressor I remained pensive, and as such could never be indifferent news, the assailant, who took a knife and was about to kill a kid's only 12 years! 12 years!
12 years and a knife! Absurd, I do not think there's much else to add, to say! As the boy of 12 years in his pocket a knife ready to stab the other person is almost kill a son of this sick society, and never forget tentelo always present, so I think, the company that he should think about this serious news placing first in person a few questions!
And that guy who almost killed a peer does not of course will suffer no penalty as such a young age does not allow anything obvious, of course, but one wonders if the attacker has never realized the gravity of the act, no I think prorpio no, and no rehabilitation and continuing to live normally context in which it grew maybe someone will be the next victim a few more questions. who knows. I say, too young, yes, to discount any thought, but not too young to hold a knife and stab a kid, huh Well then ask yourself and also those responsible, the growing family that had this little boy. I'm sure it will not be so in a few years will be found to Nisida Poggioreale or worse. And now nobody thinks that that will be the end? If not recovered, if not put in a path that will make him understand how bad he has done and can do and how wrong the road taken then wonder useless
Left at the mercy of himself and what he has around him, immersed in an evil that has taken him to grow brandishing a knife and almost killed a peer.


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